Best Audio Recorder for Focus Groups

Recording the discussion is vital to a focus group, as this is where the statements and information presented are collected and studied.

You can’t just schedule a focus group and expect it to produce the kind of content you need.

Planning, preparing, setting up, and managing a focus group can be very challenging.

A focus group involves conversation, exchanging ideas and opinions about a particular topic, usually for qualitative research.

You’re more likely to get people to participate and ‘show off’ information during focus groups.

The downside to collecting content this way is that a lot of it may be due to peer pressure or ‘one upmanship.’ This is a key draw back to focus groups.

Preparing the perfect audio recorder for your set-up is an essential step in planning for your focus group.

What should you look for in an audio recorder for focus groups?

Audio Quality is THE make or break factor.

The main factor to consider in buying an audio recorder for your focus group is its recording quality.

The recording’s purpose is clearly to review or document the discussion later, so it must have a high audio quality and excellent microphone for the best results.

Consider the device’s capacity to record small, medium, or large groups, which depends on your focus group plan, as audio recorders vary in their ability to capture well between group sizes.


It’s essential to think of specific features you need in the recorder, depending on how you will use it.

Some devices have unidirectional microphones and X/Y microphones suitable for small groups.

Omnidirectional function, or the ability to capture sounds from all directions without any distortion, is also an excellent highlight for enhanced audio quality.

There are also different audio file types that devices can produce, such as MP3, WAV, etc.

It is also crucial to consider how you would prefer to retrieve your audio file as many devices connect via USB to a computer while some would require the SD card to be plugged in on a computer or via Bluetooth.

Additional boundary microphones may be necessary for large focus groups, so the capacity to connect with one is an essential feature.

Also, note if there is background noise in your conference room or venue as you may need a recorder with a noise cancellation feature.

Ease of Use

Your audio recorder must be easy for you to use, and its interphase and settings must be effortless to navigate.

When you are focused on preparing for the discussion, you want your device’s control to be the least of your worries.

An efficient menu is also crucial in choosing your audio recorder. Individual functions, such as deleting and managing folders, are also necessary to review.

Storage Capacity

Extensive device memory and a high maximum capacity for external storage is an advantage.

Most audio recorders have built-in storage and have a slot for an external SD card for more memory.

Some also do not have internal memory and would require an SD card to use. So if you are buying a device like this, you must check if the item comes with one, or you would have to purchase a separate SD card.

Users of recorders with no external storage usually store their audio files to a computer directly, to keep space in the device’s memory.

Battery Life

Some audio recorders have USB chargers, but many are not rechargeable and rely on batteries.

It’s convenient to use one with a USB charger, rather than replacing and throwing away batteries every time they run out.

Yet most of the professional audio recorders run on battery, and only a few are rechargeable.
Despite the replaceable batteries, many recording devices have long battery lives, so their users do not mind them that much.

It’s also a relief to have long battery life for extended use. This feature also makes the device highly portable, which you can use for quick discussions, interviews, dictation, and projects other than focus groups.

My reviews of the best recorders for focus groups

Editor’s Choice: Sony ICDUX560BLK

The Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder comes in a slick black, lightweight, and thin design with a matte finish.

Reporters and professionals use this device. It has a crystal clear audio quality while listing a wide range of use, not only for a focus group, but in auditoriums, outdoor recordings, classes, interviews, and more.

It also does not have a maximum size for external MicroSD, unlike other audio recorders.

• Excellent audio and voice quality, from small to large focus groups
• Various environment settings for recording, with noise reduction
• Built-in microphone
• External microphone enabled
• Good quality built-in speaker
• With software to manage device and recordings in a computer
• Simplified menu, easy to use functionality
• LCD Display with backlight
• 4 GB built-in memory
• Additional storage for any size of memory card
• Incredibly long battery life
• Quick charging

• Time-consuming to manually delete a file
• The automatic voice-activated recording does not create separate files
• Few malfunction reports of sliding USB port

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Best Audio Recorder for Focus Groups priced $75 and below

Sony ICD-PX370

The Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder has a built-in USB port and speaker. It is a straightforward audio recorder, easy to use with a simple menu.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly and very affordable recording device, this is a great choice.

• Four scene settings for recording, capable of large focus groups
• High-quality audio
• Easily connects to a computer as a storage drive
• Includes a hold button locking other keys
• Quick and easy to record
• Intuitive interphase
• Compressed MP3 files for enhanced storage
• 4GB internal memory
• Micro SD card up to 32 GB
• 57 hours of battery life

• No screen backlight
• No option to rewind while playing an audio file
• Runs on 2 AAA batteries
• Not chargeable
• All files get deleted when the battery runs out

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Olympus VN-7200

Olympus VN-7200 is a budget-friendly, digital voice recorder suitable for close-range recordings and designed for lectures and meetings.

• Good-quality audio
• Three recording modes, from small to medium size focus groups
• With background noise filter
• Voice-activated
• Device memory capable of 1,151 hours
• Playback speed variation
• Easy to use interphase

• No USB port or SD card to transfer files to a computer
• No backlight
• 2 AAA batteries required
• Not chargeable

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Sony Voice Recorder ICD-PX

The Sony Voice Recorder ICD-PX is simple and easy to use and packed with several features. It’s designed mainly for business use. It displays an ample range of functionality convenient for its value.

• High-quality audio
• With scene selection settings, from small to medium size focus groups
• Built-in 4 GB memory, up to 32 GB SD card capacity
• Intelligent Noise feature for noise reduction
• Track Mark function to note audio sections
• Editing feature to insert or over-write
• With a Hold function as a safety lock
• Easy to use functionality

• Mid-range sound quality suitable with price
• Cancels most noise, but not all
• Runs on AAA batteries
• Not chargeable

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Aiworth Digital Voice Activated Recorder

Aiworth 16GB Voice Activated Recorder is one of the cheapest audio recorders in the market, best for lectures, meetings, interviews, and conversations. It’s so cheap that even if it gets stolen, lost, or left behind, you wouldn’t have any problems replacing it… provided you cleared it of important data.

• Good-quality Audio
• For small group focus groups
• Up to 1536Kbps PCM recording
• 3-digit password protection
• Adjustable play speed with 16 levels
• Voice-activated
• Easy to use interphase
• 16GB internal memory
• Built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery

• Up to 32GB SD Card only
• Few malfunction reports
• Five-second delay at the beginning of the recordings

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EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

The EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder is also one of the most budget-friendly sound recorders available, best for recording meetings, appointments, interviews, speeches, and lectures.

• Good-quality Audio
• For small focus groups
• 1536kbps audio
• Noise-cancellation microphone
• Voice Activated Recorder
• Easy file management and interphase
• USB Rechargeable

• File won’t save until you press stop
• Few malfunction reports
• Some low-quality recording reports

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Best Audio Recorder for Focus Groups priced $150 and below

Sony Digital Voice Recorder UX Series

The Sony Digital Voice Recorder UX Series is another audio recording device from Sony with various features and a range of scene selections. This device is chargeable, with built-in lithium batteries, an upgrade from their lower-priced models.

• Scene selection, 48 kHz rates, and up to 16-bit resolution
• Records Linear PCM (WAV) and MP3 formats
• Track Mark function
• Sony’s Intelligent Noise Cut function for noise reduction
• Easy to use interphase
• 4 GB internal memory,
• Rechargeable built-in battery, 3-minute Quick Charge for 1 hour of recording
• Long battery life

• Mid-range quality audio
• Maximum 32GB SD card only
• High sensitivity microphone may capture background noise

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Zoom H1n

Zoom H1n Portable Recorder by Zoom, one of the leading brands for premium quality audio recorders for professional use. With its excellent features and sound quality, it’s a bargain with its mid-range price.

• Excellent-quality audio
• Up to 24-bit/96 kHz audio in BWF-compliant WAV or MP3 formats
• 90° X/Y Microphones with a unique protection design
• Voice Emphasize Filter
• Distortion-free recording
• One-touch button controls interphase
• Works as a USB microphone

• Runs on 2 AAA batteries
• Requires external memory to run, up to 32 GB SD card
• The sensitive microphone may pick up slight background noise

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Tascam DR-05X

The Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Recorder with USB Audio Interface is also a leading company for professional-grade audio recorders and sound equipment.

The device is suitable for a wide range of use, such as meetings, dictation, voiceover work, live streaming, podcasting, and songwriting with studio-quality audio.

• Excellent-quality audio
• Suitable from a small group to medium group focus groups
• Stereo omnidirectional condenser microphone
• Dual internal condenser microphones can record detailed audio from subtle to loud
• Auto recording function
• Supports ten languages

• Interphase is not easy to follow
• Runs on two AA batteries
• requires an SD card to use, up to 128 GB

Check for Availability and Latest Pricing on Amazon

Philips Voice Tracer 6010

Voice Tracer Digital Audio Recorder has a refined design, suitable for superior distance recordings such as lectures and auditoriums.

• Excellent-quality audio, for small to large focus groups
• 3Mic AutoZoom+ technology adapts the zoom level to the distance of the sound source
• Background noise suppression
• The pre-recording function allows you to record the last five seconds before you press the record key
• Large color display
• Easy user interface and supports eight languages
• Rechargeable li-polymer battery
• 8 GB memory, with micro SD memory card

• Takes several buttons to start a recording
• Low volume on playback
• Few malfunction reports after months of use

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Olympus WS-853

The Olympus WS-853 Digital Voice Recorder has a two-dimensional microphone that records an authentic stereo sound in excellent quality.

It identifies the varying position and distances of speakers to capture audio evenly. And its voice balancer also levels loud and soft voices and turns them into equivalent intensity in playback.

• High-quality Audio, small to large focus groups
• True stereo, two-dimensional mic
• Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts microphone sensitivity
• USB wireless direct connection
• Voice Balancer enhances playback quality
• Noise cancellation for clear playback quality
• Easy to use interphase
• Memory capacity: 130hr MP3 Stereo, 260hr LP Stereo, 2080hr LP Mono

• 2 AAA batteries required
• Not rechargeable
• No external memory

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Best Audio Recorder for Focus Groups price $150 and above

Zoom H2n

The Zoom H2n Stereo Portable Recorder has an impressive microphone capable of capturing a focus group discussion of a large group in surround and highly detailed audio.

This device is a widely used field recorder and almost a mobile recording studio by itself with the sound quality it produces. It’s also capable of spatial audio for VR and Google Jump.

• From small to large focus groups
• Exceptional quality audio with five built-in microphones and omnidirectional function
• Four recording modes, including surround
• Records WAV audio and MP3 formats
• High-quality USB microphone to record from a computer

• The highly-sensitive mics pick up background noise
• The menu and functions are slightly technical to use
• Uses AA batteries
• Not chargeable
• Requires an SD card up to 32GB

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Tascam DR-40X

Tascam DR-40X is a professional quality audio equipment designed for video production and music recording. It can record from very low-frequency audio to thunderous sounds with high decibels.

• Excellent-quality audio
• From small to large focus groups
• High-quality recording with its built-in stereo condenser
• Microphones suitable for large focus groups
• 4-channel mode recording includes overdub and dual recording
• Uses up to 128GB SD card

• With its professional-grade design, control can be overwhelming to regular users
• No noise reduction
• Runs on 3 AA batteries
• Not chargeable

Check for Availability and Latest Pricing on Amazon

Zoom H4n Pro 4

Zoom H4n Pro 4-Track Portable Recorder is an excellent-quality audio recorder for expert use, with filmmaker’s features, guitar inputs, and studio-level functionalities.

• From small to large focus groups
• Ultra-realistic audio quality
• Four-channel recording up to 24-bit, 96 kHz
• Stereo x/Y microphones, up to 140 dB SPL
• Monaural speaker
• Natural-sounding preamps
• Super-low noise floor

• Professional controls
• Runs only on Windows Vista and newer Mac OS X 10.6
• Requires an SD card, maximum 32GB
• Short battery life, runs on AA batteries

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Zoom H6

The Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder is the ultimate portable recorder with its award-winning quality and various professional features. It caters to podcast productions, studio recording to sound engineering.

• From small to large focus groups
• Superb audio quality
• 6-track portable recording
• Four mic/line level inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors for connection of extra microphones
• Detachable X/Y capsule for live recording
• 4 AA batteries for up to 20 hours but also works plugged to a charger
• External memory SD card up to 128GB

• The professional interface may be a challenge to general users
• Few reports of static due to other electronic devices
• Some reviews state their files got corrupted when the battery drained

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Best Audio Recorder for Focus Groups FAQ

What is the best overall recording device for focus groups regardless of size?

The Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder is my recommended device with its excellent audio quality suitable for all focus group sizes.

It also includes noise reduction for background noise, intuitive interphase, and a rechargeable power source. Audio files are also accessible and edited through an included computer software for transcription and documentation.

How do you record a focus group discussion?

Small to medium-sized focus groups must sit in a circle or around a table to capture a sound recording.

Large focus groups would best be seated in a lecture or town hall set up where everyone faces the moderator in front.

At the beginning of the focus group discussion, all participants should introduce themselves to the recording for transcription purposes.

The moderator may also identify each person on their turn to speak.

The participant names would be noted in the transcript to determine each person’s statement, including the ideas and conversations. Participant introduction is especially important for medium to large group focus groups.

It may also be a challenge in the middle of the discussion to identify which speaker is for recordings of larger groups, but this solely depends on how the discussion leader or transcriber would handle it.

How do you plan audio recordings of focus group discussions?

Before the focus group:

• Make sure to plan your recording set-up.
• Set the seat arrangement.
• Do a recording trial to make sure you will capture good quality audio.

The best location to place the audio recording device is in the middle of the room or meeting table, where it can capture everyone’s voices in equal distance.

The recording device must also be far from background noise sources such as windows, doors, or air-conditioning. It’s also preferable to have a second audio recorder to act as a backup should the main one fail or develop some issue.

What is the best audio recorder for research?

All audio recorders are suitable for close-range recording. And so any good quality digital voice recorder would benefit note-taking, data collection, and research documentation.

However, it’s vital to notice background noise in field research, outdoors, or in crowded places. A recording device with a noise-canceling feature would be necessary for these situations, and most of the recommended recorders above have this functionality.

What is the best portable audio recorder for focus group interviews?

For portable recording devices, long battery life and maximum storage are priorities. Considering these features means you don’t have to struggle to find a replacement battery when it runs out or have to access a computer to store files from a maxed-out memory.

The best devices for these features are Sony ICDUX560BLK, Sony UX, and Philips Voice Tracer as rechargeable recording devices with ample storage and external memory capacity.

What is the best way to record individual interviews?

Make sure to conduct a recording test before the interview, saving you from possible technical issues.

Next, ensure that the recorder functions well and captures you and your interviewee’s voice in good quality. Also, check for background noise or adjust the mic or recorder’s position for a better recording.

Which is better: digital voice recorder vs. smartphone?

A digital voice recorder is a much better choice than a smartphone when capturing audio.

Audio capturing devices have plenty of features than your basic smartphone voice recorder, and these include a superior microphone, noise-cancellation, trace markers, longer recording duration, massive storage, and more.

Most of all, a digital voice recorder captures good-quality audio compared to a smartphone recording.

How do you conduct a small focus group session?

A small focus group consists of a maximum of six or fewer participants.

Any quiet meeting room or anywhere with chairs you can arrange in a circle would be an excellent set-up to have them. Place the audio recorder in the meeting room table or any surface in the middle of your chairs.

How to conduct a medium-sized focus group

A medium-sized focus group consists of more than six up to around eighteen participants.

A meeting or boardroom set up would be best. Use your audio recorder with multiple microphones and place them in positions to capture all the participant’s voices.

How to conduct a large focus group session

A large focus group consists of eighteen or more participants, and it’s best to have them in a lecture room, a hall, or other similar settings.

The best way to capture the recording is to use one microphone facilitated by the moderator, and connect it to an audio recording device.

Need an affordable yet high quality manual transcription service? Try Cognoplus – the Internet’s leading premium quality low cost manual transcription service provider.

The Final Word

There are many audio voice recorders in the market, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed in figuring out which one is the best. But with this guide, you now have a rundown and know what to look for in your focus group’s recording device.

Make sure the audio quality is good, as your documentation and device satisfaction rely on this. Review the features you need depending on your group’s size, your venue, and your preferences. Choose the device with the best memory and battery life, and you will be content in the recorder you purchase.

Take time to consider our editor’s choice and the recorders we listed. We hope this helps you decide the best one to purchase.

Once you have your preferred audio recorder, take the necessary preparations and tests before your focus group session. You can maximize your audio recorder’s function not only for focus groups, but also for interviews, research, and countless other tasks as well.

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