Best Headset Microphone for Dragon Naturally Speaking

When looking for a compatible voice recognition headset mic for your Dragon Naturally speaking software, first, you need to decide whether you need a corded headset. On many occasions, the price difference between the two is not more than $100. When you choose a wireless headset mic, you have the autonomy to walk away from your work desk and speak undisturbed 300 feet away.

How to Choose the Best Speech recognition headsets

Voice recognition headsets come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re communicating or handling affiliate advertising programs and websites content, you will need Dragon voice recognition software and a microphone headset for your computers. Additionally, the headset you choose should be compatible with your pc.

Factors to consider when selecting Dragon voice recognition headsets

  • Design and Comfort: a headset product with a lightweight design is ideal for day-to-day communication and transcribing using your pc as it ensures comfort without sacrificing the quality.
  • Quality: people like noise-canceling headsets with high fidelity mics and built quality speakers to ensure accurate and fast dictation even in noisy environs.
  • Cost: When shopping for a speech recognition user’s headset, price matters. Depending on your budget, you can get an affordable headset with excellent quality.
  • Durability: the headset product you purchase should have premium operating systems, USB connections, and durability. The better the material used for the headset, the more durable it is, and the more you can use it without worrying about damage.

Benefits of Using Voice Recognition Headsets

When using a voice recognition headset there are numerous advantages that you will get over other headsets.

    • Ease of Access: Speech recognition software headsets are great for physically disabled users as they limit the use of a mouse and keyboard. You can dictate document texts with the right headset and give mouth commands without relying on manual typing.
    • Accessible On the Move Voice recognition headsets can be used anywhere A good headset product has a noise-canceling microphone feature to eliminate background interruptions. Additionally, cloud storage software helps you manage and save text for future reference or dictation.
    • Accurate and Fast Speech recognition software is three times faster than typing. Plus, most headset versions are 99.9% accurate when converting speech content into editable text.
    • Flexibility Voice recognition headsets and headband give users excellent flexibility. Moreover, a headset product with a great image and lightweight for your head is ideal for day-to-day communication and transcribing using your pc. Besides, it is easy to switch from one device to another at a click of a button with the right headset. Flexibility is a practical feature for persons in motion while at work, like healthcare staff, sales, and legal personnel.
    • Workplace Health Enhancement The health impact of speech recognition is often overlooked. Using voice recognition headsets instead of keyboard and mouse helps you not suffer from office-related health issues. For instance, headsets offer employees an opportunity to move around freely while working. This reduces the chances suffering from repetitive strain injuries. Moreover, headsets microphones leyou give dictation without staring at the screen continuously.

The Best Headset Mic for Dragon Naturally Speaking

Nuance PowerMic III

This unit is a headset that is easy to use to improve productivity and dictation speed. Nuance PowerMic headsets are ideal for professionals dealing with high-level dictation like social service staff, police officers, and doctors. Moreover, the headset has a mouse control, connection wires, and a high-quality microphone boom that offers easy dictation and high accuracy document editing.

Why Buy Nuance PowerMic III?

while selecting the Nuance PowerMic Headset there are couple of reasons you have to consider bellow are of the reasons why the headset is the best for you:


Using a Nuance PowerMic headset is more convenient and fast than using other dragon microphone boom. It is an ideal headset for remote workers because of its speedier dictation, allowing them to do more work within the deadline.


The headset offers full function PC-mouse and Microsoft compatibility to reduce frequent movement between the keyboard, mouse, and microphone. A user can assign any device button numerous tasks like dictation, going through the document’s content, and filling out forms.


      • Comfortable and efficient
      • Great build quality and robust USB headset
      • Cost-effective price


      • Requires frequent unplug and re-plug
      • Hard to replace the USB cord

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Jabra PRO 920 Duo Wireless Headset

Jabra PRO 920 is a wireless headset designed for maximum professional performance. The headset gives everyone wireless freedom and productivity. It has three indicators: a mute indicator, battery indicator, and LED call indicator. It also features a multi-function button and noise canceling properties.

Why Buy a Jabra PRO 920?

Noise-cancelling Microphone

This feature is ideal for an open, crowded, and noisy office environment. The noise-cancelling microphone boom hinders the user from unwanted background noise and echo, leading to high productivity.

Peak Stop Technology

This model’s technology level brings out the difference between Nuance PowerMic headset and its competitors. This head product shows this through its prowess in filtering noise with its noise cancelling, among other technologically advanced features.


      • Highly compatible
      • High build quality headset


      • Hookswitch not inclusive

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Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset

Jabra Engage 65 is the world’s leading wireless dragon naturally speaking headset. The product has an incorporated busy light and battery life of up to thirteen hours. Additionally, the user can connect it to two devices at a go.

Jabra Engage 65 is a secure headset with great features beyond level C DECT to hinder wireless intrusion. It detects wireless ranges up to 150 meters.

Why Buy the Jabra Engage 65?

Long-lasting Battery

The battery life lasts up to thirteen hours of talk time. The dragon naturally speaking headset has a fast charge feature to boost the setup to 100% in ninety minutes.

High Agent Focus

Integrated busy light in the headset helps you overcome interruptions from your colleagues while at work. Additionally, the headset has a modern noise-canceling microphone that enhances your focus and easy reception of information.

Advanced Hearing Protection

Engage Pro Headset has a high hearing protection level which is a deal-breaker for many users when looking for a naturally speaking headset.


      • Easy to connect
      • Dual connectivity icons
      • Insensitive touchscreen
      • USB headset used for audio-only


      • No substantial downsides

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Sennheiser XSW 1-ME3-A

Sennheiser XSW is a wireless and USB headset for dragon naturally speaking, with a vision of enhancing the future of audio quality and content. The concept is derived from over seventy years of innovation categories and excellent noise-cancelling features. Its users enjoy exceptional sound and audio production. Moreover, one can get the headset at a convenient price giving its users the freedom to work while standing and walking around.

Why Buy a Sennheiser XSW?

The Sennheiser is one exceptional product for numerous reasons, including:

Excellent performance

Sennheiser XSW is a wireless system for easy handling of professional and reliable sound quality and transmission. The unmatched price of the device makes it great for theatre, speech, and music. Plus, it doesn’t require cable connection and intuitive operation offers professional and quality live sound and noise canceling.

Great live sound

XS wireless offers high-grade and feedback protection from aggressive and open sound. The receiver is an updated version designed for easy use. Additionally, the transmitters and Mics are classic made by German engineers with an excellent noise-cancelling feature.


      • Consistent transmission
      • Easy to handle
      • High build a quality headset


      • Signal drop

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Jabra 9470 Convertible Wireless Headset

This system is a new addition to the Jabra categories and a serious competitor to Sennheiser wireless mics. Jabra 9470 is a trusted dragon system that meets various needs. Employees can answer and end calls while multitasking and engaging in other content creation at the office. The headset offers them the freedom to move around the office.

Why Buy the Jabra 9470?

Multipurpose Headset

You can connect the headset to your mobile, soft, and desk phone to answer every call. Jabra 9470 has a user-friendly touchpad and touch screen to help you manage multiple calls and a noise-cancelling feature to hinder interruption. The system also has a USB connection and SmartSetup wizard to lead you through the connectivity procedure and improving voice quality.

Excellent Wireless Freedom

The dragon convertible technology lets you move around the office, receive, answer and end calls 150 meters away from the desk. Getting one makes it convenient to work remotely. Plus, your battery charge lasts up to ten hours.


      • High quality performing Dragon NaturallySpeaking system
      • Simplified touch screen and button pushes.
      • Remote purposes
      • High microphone quality


      • Too heavy for ear hook
      • Exclusive of the headband

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Jabra Engage 75 Convertible Wireless

Jabra Engage 75 is a stereo high-performing wireless and dragon USB headset. Users can answer calls at a range of 490 feet without losing connection quality or using wires to connect devices. Plus, the system works well with any PC and offers high-level protection with DECT secure level C.

The product is a competitor of Nuance dragon, naturally speaking, as it is built to connect up to five devices. One can effectively receive information and end calls from the devices using Jabra Engage 75 without losing content and speech recognition users with the noise-cancelling feature.

Why Buy Jabra Engage 75?

Here are features that make Jabra Engage 75 great:

All-day Battery

The battery span lasts up to thirteen hours of talk and information receiving. When charging the call center, it has a faster charge feature to boost it to 40% within 30 minutes.

Industry-Leading Performance

Jabra Engage 75 offers excellent wireless connectivity. You can answer sound quality calls, receive information, and deliver speech accuracy content at a range of 150 meters away from the desk.


      • Improved Hearing Protection
      • USB dongle
      • Quality usability
      • USB headset


      • Occasional dropouts
      • Does not support softphone
      • Battery charge does isn’t long-lasting

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Microphone Buyers Guide

Before purchasing anything from online or retail stores, it’s best to know what to consider. The same goes for headset micsw for dragon naturally speaking. Other companies offer their products advertising fees to be ranked first but take extra caution before buying anything.

Features to Look for When Choosing Headset Mic for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

      • Wireless and wired mics: Look for a dragon mic headset that fits your preferences, like a USB or go for one that is non-USB.
      • Noise- cancelling Feature: Do not go for a high price headset for dragon naturally speaking. A convenient and cost-effective microphone with a noise-cancelling feature is ideal for your computer work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Bluetooth headset with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Yes. Some models allow you to use Bluetooth models on your computers. Other models use USB microphone headsets.

What is the best microphone to use with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Pick mics that deliver the main factors listed above that are the most important to you.

Can I use any microphone with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Not really. If you are using the earlier versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking, you have a limited microphone option. That’s why experts recommend the headset that comes with your edition. Besides, those earlier versions of Dragon are not compatible with built-in mics or internal ones.

What USB headset works best with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Numerous headsets operating systems work perfectly with Dragon Naturally Speaking product. The best headsets to use are on this review, including the Nuance PowerMic headset and Jabra Engage 75.

What is the best version of Dragon Naturally Speaking to use?

The best version of Dragon Naturally Speaking to use is v13 or anything above it. The more latest the Dragon version, the faster, better and more compatible it is.


There are multiple options for dragon naturally speaking headsets to choose from. It is often hectic to select the product, but the list above will help you make a perfect selection. Also, consider all rights reserved and the price for the USB headsets system.

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