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How to get more traffic to your blog through intentional blogging

To get more traffic to a blog, you just have to blog in an intentional way.

I know it sounds crazy because a lot of bloggers basically just blog by passion. Now, they’re getting sophisticated because they have target keywords but it’s still basically passion-based.

So, if they feel the urge to blog about a certain keyword then they would just get to it, write it out, post it, and be done with it. Then they’d head to the beach. Maybe hang out with friends. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you want to make money by generating more traffic to your blog, you have to be intentional. In other words, you have to treat it like a job. How?

First of all, you have to have a game plan for what you’re going to post. This has to be a list of keywords and then you have to turn them into topics.

The topics have to fit some common theme that makes sense. Then you compare that outline with the rest of the content that’s already out there.

Can you blow everybody awake and deliver value? If not, keep working on your outline. If you already have a solid outline, write it out.

Now, this can take several days if you type slowly. But if you can talk quickly and you already know your stuff, you can dictate a very meaty blog post. And I’m talking about 5,000 to even 9,000 words in an hour.

How? Dictation.

You can really take your blogging game to the next level by dictating your blog post instead of writing them out. But if you want more control, you can write them out.

Whatever you do, get it out of you. Just get it out of your system. Write that blog post.  Pretty soon, you might clock 20,000+ words per day

Now that you’ve done that, you then have to be intentional in terms of getting the word out.

social media blog posts

So, you can do the following. Split your blog post into subheadings and then Tweet out the subheadings through Tweets targeting certain niche-targeted hashtags on Twitter.

Next, you can share the photos that are in your blog post on Pinterest and also target Pinboards or Group boards that are related to your niche.

Next, you can find Facebook groups that talk about your niche and then share your content there.

Next, you go to a Reddit and there are many sub Reddits that may be related to your niche. Post your latest blog post there and start a conversation.

Next, you can post some of the pictures on Instagram and target hashtags that are already on Instagram that are related to your niche.

Next, you can record a short video. It doesn’t have to be a picture of your blog. It doesn’t have to be a video of you talking. Maybe you feel like you don’t look good on video.

That’s fine. It could be your voice. It could also be the dictation audio of your blog post, and you just turn it into a slideshow. Whatever the case may be, put up a video on YouTube and use it as a teaser to drive traffic to your blog post.

Check the extremely helpful video above from Trena Little to get great ideas on how to turn your blog posts into videos.

This is what I mean by intentional blogging. You have to not only be intentional in what you’re going to talk about in your blog post. But you also have to be intentional about where you’re going to distribute your stuff.

That’s the key. They go hand in hand. Because Google will find you faster if you’re already out there on social media.

Do you get how this works? Also, it’s very important for your new blog posts to reference or internally link to older blog posts. This way, whatever traffic you get will go back to your older blog posts and you can link your older blog posts to your newer blog posts.

This way, it could turn your blog into a traffic circulation machine and this can lead to a community forming around your blog.

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