blogging like you mean it

Blogging like you mean it

If your passion is writing and you like to start a blog but do not know where to start, why not take an online course?

There are many online courses for a stay-at-home mom with kids or any person with lots of free time to spend.

There are affiliate sites that advertise different blogging courses where frequently asked questions about blogs are answered. There is even a website called Blogging Like You Mean It that does that. was created by Carly Campbell, who described herself as a full-time mom and blogger. Her other website is called Mommy on Purpose.

The site enumerates different courses that members can take and gain access to. Some cost money, and some are for free.

With everything considered, the courses are very useful. After all, you get to access the knowledge and expertise of successful bloggers. They can teach you the right way to blog, and they provide real results.

With enough dedication, you can even turn your blogging interest into an actual business.

If you intend to be a successful blogger and make money, devote an effort to learn the proper procedures from these paid or free online courses.

The most popular online courses about blogging as seen on different affiliated sites

Writing a blog is an amazing and complicated process, especially if you do not know the nuts and bolts. Many may find it not complex at all and will take to it like a duck to water.

However, with many stay-at-home moms or dads spending lots of free time and want to earn an extra income from being bloggers, they can search for tips and tricks from these courses.

If you search on Google with the phrase “blogging courses,” you will be flooded with many links from different sites and bloggers.

But Carly Campbell’s online how-to blog courses are usually found on most top lists. Many successful bloggers have taken her courses and have helped them immensely.

Some of these tips include how to write an amazing blog post fast and key factors to consider when creating a writing plan for your blog.

Here are the most beneficial and effective paid or free courses you can take from Carly’s site. Many will encourage and teach you and your friends the proper practices to gain traffic and earn money from them.

Pinteresting Strategies

At present, this course is one of the most popular ones online, which will help you increase internet traffic towards your blog.

It revolves around the usage of Pinterest and how it can make your blog and the brand you have created better.

This course teaches you how to use it to your advantage, like pinning the right way to get more clicks and drive traffic.

It was recently updated a bit for this year, and it now offers new templates in the bonus section.

It has a fifty-seven-dollar payment plan.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Affiliate marketing teaches you how you can make tons of money on your blog.

The course teaches you how to write blog content that sells, the different kinds of posts that make money, how to make your links stand out, how emails can create sales, and many more.

You will learn about the best types of affiliates and how they will work for you. You can purchase this course for seventy-nine dollars.

Engaging your Audience

There are many reasons why reading is important for writers, and one of these is to interact with your audience better.

If you are thinking of making your blog successful, you need to be a willing participant and engage with your audience, which can be tricky.

This course aims to build a relationship with their audience, thus creating sustainable earnings from them.

If they remain engaged, you would not need to worry anymore about changes in the algorithm since they will seek you out because they trust you. They turn into a pool of free traffic.

It will teach you to use contact means like email and social media platforms to engage them.

You can pay for this course for forty-seven dollars.

Starting a Blog for Profit

The best thing about this course is that it is free, and to get it, you only need to supply your email address.

This course teaches you gradual instructions in creating a blog. It teaches you the basic components of blogging in an easy-to-understand manner.

Other essential online blogging courses

Carly Campbell does not hold a monopoly of the best blogging courses online, and there are others.

However, she also gave suggestions of a group of excellent blogging courses to join aside from hers. Here is her list as showcased in her Mommy on Purpose page:

  • Understanding WordPress
  • Easy on-page SEO
  • Blog by number
  • Niche site academy
  • Traffic transformation
  • The fat stacks course bundle
  • Sponsored success
  • Love your list 2.0
  • The empowered business lab
  • Niche post-conversion strategies
  • Pins made happily
  • Journey to the center of Amazon
  • Adventures of SEO
  • List by number
  • Freebies that sell and serve


Frequently, blogging courses are not enough. You also need talent and drive to succeed.

If you have these traits already and the means to pay, these courses will point you in the right direction.

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