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Blogging secrets you need to level up

The most successful bloggers who make money became that way because they have followed their own tried-and-true techniques and best practices.

Many bloggers have forged their unique path in the blogosphere and, as a result, earned enormously from this business.

These bloggers know that they have to be consistent in writing quality content to maintain their top status.

They have adhered to their metrics and strategies. And so many blogs have secrets on how to make money that these bloggers have not shared with anyone else yet.

But today, you will get to know many a blogging secret and get to use it for your websites and blogs.

Here is a compilation of blogging secrets that top bloggers have shared recently.

Secrets to a happy blogging success

Do you want to know the blogging secrets for successful blogging?

The good news is: making money by building trust and hard work are among the biggest secrets of creating content for successful blogging.

Know this: there is no get-rich-quick scheme or a free cheat sheet in blogging. A successful blogger does not happen overnight.

In other words, you have to work smarter to get more traffic and earn money which is the point of successful blogging.

Read each point carefully to begin your blogging journey:

Establishing trust and providing value

When you create content for all the wrong reasons, your target audience would know exactly what to think, and all the mistakes should end there.

The main reason why people keep online blogs is to provide their readers with interesting and educational reading content.

There may be financial motives as well, but they are usually secondary.

Gaining trust from your audience takes time. Once you have found your footing, your readers will take notice.

Your audience will know that you have written an important piece of material and will reward it with a loyal readership.

They will soon share your blog posts and spread them through word of mouth.

You have earned their trust and have faithfully supplied them with the particular content they like to read.

Stay focused

If you are a new blogger and want to have a successful hobby blog, the only way is to remain focused on the blogging tasks.

This goes for all writers and new bloggers who want to be successful in creating posts.

Blogging still undergoes the same process that writers go through.

There should be good habits that need to be constantly practiced and followed every time blogs and other written works are made.

You have to be a consistent writer and always give it one-hundred percent effort. Also, be sure to compose posts you are interested in and have a great understanding of.

This way, creating your blog posts will always be an easy task.

Don’t limit yourself to reach your goal

When creating your blog posts, do not be in a hurry and never do everything at the same time.

Take time deciding what’s best to post. And to do that, you have to break down your goal.

While you aim to finish your blog post, you also have to make your thoughts real on paper.

To be an effective blogger, you also have to be an excellent multi-tasker. But you also have to correctly strategize the tasks involved to realize your goal.

Prioritize earning value instead of money blogging

Making a successful blog post valuable to your audience should always be your priority.

Once your readers regularly seek out your blog posts, your readership increases, and soon, be rewarded with a rewarding and successful blogging income by making money online.

It is what adding value means, making your blogs worthy enough for people to learn, gain insight, thus earning a full-time income.

Feel free to use technology to your advantage

Successful bloggers use technology wisely and must balance between not being too technical and be technical enough.

While minimalistic blogs might work for the sake of clarity, but not including technical flourishes like CTA buttons or video clips will lower your conversion rate.

So you have to walk a fine line for your blogs to compete in the highly technical realm of the blogosphere.

Outsource blogging tasks

There is no such thing as creating too much content, but bloggers can also suffer from overwork and burnout. Even then best of them cannot produce quality content every time.

An excellent idea is outsourcing your blogging duties. It will keep your content remain fresh and vital even though a lot of time has passed.

There are many ways to look for particular bloggers that fit the kind of blog content you have, and there are websites dedicated to that.

Learn design basics

Another ability a successful blogger needs to have is graphic design. But learning the whole process can be complicated.

You do not have to know the hard stuff like color theory or download expensive graphic design software. You only need to learn the basics like adding logos, text overlays, etc.

Since the writing is the main focus, you need to have technical flourishes to level up your blog content.

Choose unique blog titles

The title can make or break your overall status in the blogosphere. It can be responsible for making your blog rise high or flounder in search rankings.

A well-worded title can influence in gaining more readers, clicks, likes, and shares.

Invest in coming up with titles that can grab attention in cyberspace. It will drive traffic towards your blog and likely increase your readership.

Enable the hyperlinks in your blog to open a new window

You have cited another online source in your blog with a hyperlink, but clicking on it will direct your audience away from your blog.

You do not want to lose readers to another site and want them to remain to finish reading your entire blog content.

Setting up hyperlinks properly to open another window so that the readers will remain on your blog is a successful blogging secret that can increase your readership.

This trick is easy to learn; this way, you can ensure that your audience will stick by you and finish reading your blog entry.

Utilize excerpts from heavily-traffic sites

If you are blogging for business purposes, you most likely have a website that has other sites aside from your blogging section.

One way to increase online traffic to your site is to share excerpts from other more successful and profitable blogs and pages.

It is a way to lure visitors in and increase your viewership.

Strive to look for good ideas

Bloggers that have been blogging for a long time will run the risk of not knowing what to write about since all good topics have been used already.

To remain current in your field of work and the blogosphere, you have to keep your content fresh and engaging. And to do that, you have to learn to always look for good ideas to write about.

You can carry a notebook wherever you go and write down anything good that suddenly pops up in your head. Or you can go someplace to give you the needed inspiration.

If you get enough practice, you might even figure out how to get dozens of blog post outline ideas in 10 minutes.

Find anything that will help you and your blogging ability.

Commenting on other blogs

You have heard a lot about the blogosphere, which makes up all the online blogs and interconnections.

For a blogger to become successful in this realm, one needs to be omnipresent to rise above the rest.

One way to do that is to leave a comment on the blogs of other people.

This simple act builds relationships in the blogging community and leaves your digital thumbprint.

This way, you will get noticed and drives blog traffic.

Engage in other tasks aside from blogging

It is very useful to be great at creating a post, but in today’s highly technological, competitive, and successful blogging arena, one has to be proficient in many areas, like social media, email marketing, and many more.

It is not enough that you are only a good writer; you have to learn other technology and marketing-based skills to let your blog rise above the others.

Ask questions in the blogging community

There may be many things you can do to remain current and be a successful blogger for a long time. But one way is to simply ask your audience what they want to read about.

It is to foster a strong connection to your loyal followers and aid in creating better blog content.

Reward them

Once you have forged connections to your audience, you want them to remain loyal to you and eat up any content you are offering.

One way is to actively engage with them whenever they leave comments. It will validate their presence and make them feel needed.

Another is to give them digital trophies or medals for being loyal readers.

Networking with good intentions

Networking can be done for the right or wrong reasons. Even if you know how to write an amazing blog post fast, if your heart isn’t in the right place, it won’t do you any good.

Good reasons have passion involved and sincerely want to make a difference.

But if you are focused on money blogging or making a full-time income and garnering readerships, then you won’t last in the business.

Write in a way that online readers can comprehend

Whenever composing for your blog, you have to expect that people will get to read them. After all, you are creating content for yourself but for others to read it.

Always communicate in a way that your audience won’t have a difficult time understanding. Compose clearly and use simple words. You want it to appeal to a lot of people.

Do not be provocative unless your site aims to be provocative.

There is no such thing as a too long or too short blog post

Blogs are unlike other forms of narration wherein they have to follow a set of rules like correct grammar, sentence structure, word count, etc.

As long as the blog content is illuminating and engaging, it won’t matter if it’s two thousand or twenty words.

Include some of your details to create trust

Top bloggers reach that position because they have built enough trust in their loyal followers.

They did that by sharing some personal details to show who they are and let their readers be able to see that they are real people.

However, it should not be too much personal information since privacy is still important.

You can share minor details like family pictures or significant family affairs like birthdays.

The longer you spend time blogging, the easier it will become

During the first time you’ve written a blog entry, you might find it challenging.

However, as time goes by and you’ve built up a stable audience and followers, you have become confident about your blogging skills.

Being a good blogger also means you are an adept multi-tasker. All your blogging skills will increase, and you will find it easy and enjoyable as time passes.

Being organized makes for a better blog

Being a multi-tasker also means you also need to be organized, and both go hand-in-hand.

Once you have ironed out all the quirks and learned to organize every aspect of your blog, your traffic and audience will undoubtedly grow. If you learn how to get more traffic to your blog through intentional blogging, your success will come faster.

Build your brand effectively

You might think that branding is not essential in blogging, but experts say that the future of Google traffic belongs to brands.

It means that people will accept websites more with brands in them than sites without.

It also means that you have to build your brand that centers around who you are and what you stand for.

Compared to other search engines, Google is at the forefront in generating internet traffic. But there are also other social media platforms not far behind, like Pinterest or Instagram, and they copy what Google does.

Once you have created a unique brand for yourself or your business, Google will begin to notice, and thus your ranking will increase.

Building your brand through blogging

The fact is, having a well-known brand gets to customers quicker, and in blogging, once you have established a brand for yourself or your business, more readers will find you.

Create a niche

You have to ask yourself, what do you want to be known online? Do you like working out? Then you can blog about different exercises, healthy foods, vitamin supplements, etc.

Or maybe a foodie and post about food-related topics.

Build a brand around what you love doing and are passionate about; this way, blogging about it won’t be difficult and create a niche that you can occupy on the internet.

Use the force of your personality to create a unique voice

The best writers have a unique voice that can only be attributed to them. Their personality shines through and reflects in their written works.

In blogging, the best bloggers may outsource all other exterior blogging tasks – like coming up with links, layouts, and more – but the act of generating actual content is done personally.

Since the written entry is the priority of a site, it is a way to build one’s brand and creating a unique voice.

Devise the theme of your blog around your unique brand

Research has shown that ninety-four percent of online viewers’ first impression focuses on the design of the website, then they will decide to remain or click away from it.

The design of your site is as crucial as your brand.

After you found your niche and your voice, then you will need to build your site.

And the building blocks to start blogging begin with the design of your website.

It should be an outward reflection of who you are and whose main purpose is to let people interact with you.

Your site needs to stand out from the rest in the blogosphere. And one way to do that is by using your name on your site.

Your name is unique, and it will point only to you. It will also work better in Google searches.

Using your name as the domain for all your social media and online ventures will make searching for you easier and rank higher.

Always create relevant blog entries

You always have to post engaginly if you want to last in the blogging business. You also always need to post content to remain relevant and compete with the other bloggers, which may have a similar niche to you.

Having a lot of blog content also improves your chances for SEO. The more you post on your site, the more refined and prominent your website will become.

Broaden your scope by guest blogging

Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase your viewership and continuously build your brand.

When you create content for other websites or online publications, it sharpens your ability and also develops your audience.

Whenever you compose for others, they let you create a contributor profile and provides other online info on where to find you, like your blog.

This way, the audience on the other websites will know how to connect with you.

Guest blogging benefits you and the other blogs you are generating content for. Your name will spread throughout many online locations and increase the status of your brand.

Creating connections means you are networking and building relationships with other online communities through your voice.

Being a contributor works both ways that you and the entity you are writing for will benefit greatly.

Becoming a blogger with a successful blog

Once you know all the blogging secrets, then it is time to be a blogger. But where do you start?

Starting a blog is not difficult. As you will find out, it takes less than one hour to start a blog.

Yet, maintaining and making it successful is a different matter. Baby steps first, and success will come later.

Before creating a blog, you have to ask yourself first: should you start one in the first place?

One thing you should also know: you do not have to be a good writer to make your blog successful. Many bloggers communicate in a conversational and amateurish way that makes their blogs accessible to the public.

You also do not need to be an expert on your chosen blog topic. The readers will likely tune in not because of how great you string your words together but because of the experiences you have shared in correlation with the subject matter.

All you need to become a successful blogger is your passion for your chosen subject matter.

At its core, blogging is about sharing your experiences about your observations, and knowledge about the world. And writing about things you genuinely love doing will make the whole process easier.

Here few easy steps in starting a blog:

Choose a name for your blog

As mentioned earlier, the name your parents gave you is the best name for your blog, which has many advantages. But it is still alright to use another name.

Next, you have to check if no one else is using that name, and you can do so with a simple Google domain name search.

If you see that someone else has already been using your preferred name, do not worry, there are still a few options you can do to be able to use it.

  • Use another domain extension- Instead of using .com, you can use .org or .net.
  • Include short words- Try adding “the” or “my” or any other smaller words.
  • Try adding dashes- Include it in between two words.

However, if you haven’t selected a name yet and still looking for ideas, then the blog topic will inform you of the name of your blog.

If you haven’t chosen a blog topic yet, here are some suggestions:

  • Your life experiences- What you have gone through in your life and the lessons you have learned will make great fodder for your blog.
  • Personal blog- It serves as a great blog topic because this comprises many themes in your life you can talk about, from daily musings, opinions on a different matter, or simply random thoughts that occurred for the moment.
  • Things you are passionate about- It includes your hobbies, sports, favorite movies, etc.

Once you’ve chosen your blog topic, you can use it as a basis for your domain name. Select something descriptive, so those probable readers will immediately know what your blog is all about.

Take your blog online

After you have picked a blog name, the next step is getting your blog online. In doing this, there are two things you need: web hosting and blogging software. Thankfully, these two already go together.

A web host (also called a blog host) is an online company that does the job of storing all your blog files and sends them to the users when they type your blog name.

There are many web host and software combinations, which you can find in a simple Google search.

Blog customization

Each web host has different procedures in customization. Just be sure its overall appearance will suit your name and blog topic. Or else it might turn off potential visitors.

Writing and publishing your first blog

These have already been covered in previous segments.

There are two kinds of content you can post in your blog:

Static content- It refers to the type that never changes, like the Contact Us, Disclaimer, or Privacy Policy content. These should be visible on your website, which is usually situated at the bottom.

Dynamic content- It refers to your actual written blog itself. You can include many digital flourishes like videos, pictures, infographics, or charts.

Create an excellent blog

Since blogging secrets have already been revealed in previous segments, you can now create your blog with all the confidence you need to make it as engaging as possible.

Here are a few suggestions to add:

  • Research has found out that longer blogs are better. However, try to break it up with many paragraphs that have in-between spaces.
  • Use shorter sentences and simpler words.
  • Include headings and subheadings to highlight the main point in each section.
  • Use excellent quotes and lists.
  • Make sure all your content is original and not plagiarized. You can use stock photos from sites that provide free images.
  • Make sure everything is grammatically correct. There are grammar software and applications you can use.
  • Be sure to edit your work to remove grammar and typographical mistakes.

Promoting your blog

At this stage, you have finished writing your first blog; then another question comes up: what now?

If you want to make your blog more successful than it is, you have to advertise and promote it. You need to draw visitors in and get very crucial online traffic.

Here are some strategies you can do:

  • Let your immediate friends and family know. These are people you can trust to spread the word, through word of mouth and on social media, about your project. The more people talk about your site, the higher the chances you will gain loyal viewers more quickly.
  • Social media is a great help to make your blog more popular. If you have an Instagram account or accounts on other big platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, you can share links to your site or posts there.
  • When you get into email marketing and create an email list, it will ensure the new visitors will come back. Once you have collected the info of your email subscribers, you can let them know you have new blog posts.
  • You can optimize your blog posts so that they will appear in search results. It is too long a process and needs to be discussed in another article, but suffice to say it can be done. This process will increase your readership and internet traffic directed to your site.
  • Include calls to action and questions that encourage comments. The more comments there are on your post, and the more interactive your site is, the higher the chances more people will come across it and stay.


Once you know the ins and outs of blogging secret, you can make money and even a full-time income from it. It will take some time, but if you’re able to work smarter, your blog starts to grow faster, and you can turn it into an actual business.

For now, the reward of blogging is general satisfaction and emotional well-being in creating something that can potentially change someone’s life.

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