can you make money blogging anonymously

Can you make money blogging anonymously?

If you like to start a profitable blog but want to remain anonymous and keep any trace of your identity hidden, you have the option to blog anonymously and make money. Many bloggers, even experienced ones, have a tough time believing this. They ask in frustration: can you make money blogging anonymously?

The truth? Most blogs online are either ghostwritten or written anonymously or through the use of pen names.

After all, there is no online mandate that says bloggers have to provide their personal life stories and personal finance upon blogging.

Other anonymous bloggers are a dime a dozen in the blogosphere. When you come upon a blog that does not have a name on the About Me section, it is likely an anonymous blog.

Most bloggers that have anonymous blogs will use a pseudonym or pen name to hide their personal details.

Exactly what is a pen name, pseudonym, or nom de guerre?

A pseudonym is a fictitious name that a person uses to describe himself or herself to stay anonymous or keep his personal life information from the public. Some writers in real life often employ it if they write about different genres aside from the ones they were known for.

Aside from anonymous blogs, pen name usage is prevalent in social media circles. Especially on Twitter, using a pen name is almost commonplace since they can hide from the controversial posts they like to Tweet about without suffering any backlash.

However, in the blogosphere, a blogger that uses his real identity instead of a pen name tends to be more respected and have more readership than an anonymous blogger. Since this is the likely scenario, you have to ask yourself:

Should I put who I am on my site?

It is always a good idea to include the real-life personal name your parents gave you on your site. Readers will trust you more and will humanize your online brand as compared with anonymous bloggers.

If you seek respect and credit for your blogging, then anonymous blogging is not for you.

Here are other benefits of using your real name:

  • You can establish your brand as an authority figure of your chosen niche.
  • You can connect to many other important people.
  • It will assist you in employment opportunities.
  • Your site can represent you in public events.

Reasons why blogging anonymously may work for your personal life

However, some of those who write about personal finance or financial bloggers choose not to seek fame for their blogging, which should still be given due respect.

Here are other reasons why bloggers prefer to blog anonymously and make money:

You want to blog anonymously for writing hot-button issues

Writing about controversial topics like religion, politics, or anything sexual in nature might give you unwanted attention that you may find hard to handle.

You lack confidence

Some bloggers may not be confident enough to share private information like real name with the public. They want the cloak of anonymity to be able to write in peace.

You do not want conflict

Some do not want to get involved with anything hostile in nature.

Blogging can sometimes induce quarrels to happen, and blogging anonymously can lessen the blows.

Separate lives

Anonymous bloggers want a keep their professional and personal lives distinct from each other.

They are free to write about all the issues their occupations might find unprofessional and cause them to get fired.

Friends and family would not approve

Your site topics and personal stories are a little too spicy for your close friends and family to stomach, so an excellent way to steer clear of their disapproving intentions is to blog anonymously.

Blogging anonymously will give you the freedom to write about the things your kin might find displeasing.

You can write about sensitive issues

It goes hand-in-hand with the first reason about controversial topics, which can also be regarded as sensitive.

Some might feel ashamed about writing about issues that are deemed as sensitive, like divorce, financial debt, or illnesses.

An anonymous blog will allow you to write about these issues without other people trying to bother you about it. If you are not worried about being judged for your thoughts, it might even be easier to get dozens of blog post outline ideas in 10 minutes.

People you are writing about would not know it is you

You might be working for the worst employer in the world, which you cannot do anything about. Rather than complaining or simply quitting, you write about your supposed maltreatment, thus venting out your frustrations.

This way, you can expel all your inner turmoil and get rid of the chip on your shoulder since writing is good therapy.

You want to avoid distractions

Some writers are purists and write for the sake of writing. Some bloggers do not want the added distraction of popularity and financial gain but simply want to write.

Being an anonymous blogger will provide you with the instruments you need to write creatively and freely.

You are a brand new blogger

You have just started blogging, and you do not have complete self-assurance to show your written work to the public.

To avoid the crutch, you can blog anonymously and not bother about the issues surrounding personal identity. Readers will read your content not because of who you are but how good it is.

Reasons why anonymous blogging may not work for you

While there are popular anonymous blogs, it doesn’t work for everyone. There are disadvantages of blogging anonymously:

Incurring legal problems

If your intention in writing an anonymous blog is to hurl insults or denigrate a person or public entity, then do not do it.

You might think that blogging anonymously protects you from legal heat, but in today’s technology, there are means to finding out your deepest secrets on the internet.

Fake news

Spreading untruths can be done easily in cyberspace. One anonymous blogger will post a highly controversial but false site.

Soon, others will take notice, begin sharing it, and become viral. That is how fake news spread like a disease.

There are types of online users that are very naive and can be easily misguided by falsehoods. Of which can result in dire consequences.

Being discovered might be too much for you

If you have a sensitive disposition and are secretive, avoid anonymous blogging entirely. You may not be able to handle someone finding out about you.

The embarrassment might be too much for you, so instead of anonymous blogging, why not create a blog bearing your real name?

Being sensitive to mean comments

Blogs work better you have a lively exchange with your readers. However, if you are the sensitive type and cannot handle criticism, avoid blogging altogether.

The most successful bloggers have open minds and are willing to accept feedback or negative comments. If you want to remain in the blogging game, you need a thick skin to gird your loins.

You lack time

You may already have a present job, and blogging might cost you too much time.

Top bloggers have found a way to manage their time to keep on blogging, so if you are in danger of spreading yourself too thin, keeping an anonymous blog might be too much work for you.

Steps in launching an anonymous blog

After giving it much thought, you have decided to become an anonymous blogger instead of giving out your real name. You prefer blogging this way since it gives you peace of mind to hide behind this cloak of anonymity.

Here are the steps you need to take to establish yourself to be an anonymous blogger:

Selecting a pseudonym

You have to decide what will be your pen name for your site. Spend some time to decide this, and if your site becomes a success, you can blog anonymously and make money on the side, so you will end up using it for a long time.

Upon picking the right pen name for you, think of your audience. It should showcase your brand and correspond to the content you are blogging about.

If you plan to write about serious topics, use more classical and distinguished names like Paul, Mark, Mary, or Elizabeth.

If the theme of your site is a bit whimsical and amusing, then you can use funny names and be as creative as you want.

There are also site name generator websites you can try out that check the availability.

A good piece of advice is to simplify the name that’s easy to remember and spell out. Your readers would not forget your site name, and be easier to look for you on the internet.

Do not copy other famous names because if your blog becomes successful, it might be attributed to those people, but rather pick something unique that can only be yours.

Once you have chosen the best pen name that suits you and your brand, you have to ensure no one else is using it.

You can use name generator sites or only input that name on the Google search bar and do a quick search.

If you plan on making money from your blog under that fake name, you will have to file a fabricated business name statement. To do this, you will have to check your local county clerk’s office to file the proper documentation.

Launching, writing, and publishing your first blog

After choosing the right fake name for your anonymous blog, then you can set up your blog.

Establishing a blog takes a few minutes to a few hours, but you still need to research your particular market and niche.

Niche blogs generally perform better than blogs that cover commonplace topics. You can find many blogs that discuss eBay selling or eBook writing. But few that talk about selling old car parts or writing a self-help book.

Do Google searches if you can find blogs that discuss your niche and find out how big it is.

Aside from your fake name, you have to choose a domain name for your anonymous blog. Customized ones are preferred over the kinds you can get from free blog websites, and a quick online search will provide you such sites.

If your domain name is not available for you, they will give you alternatives that you can pick. There is also an annual payment to keep it active. Be sure it also has domain privacy protection.

Never include your name in the URL for your anonymous blog. It defeats the purpose of your anonymity.

You have the choice for your blog in selecting between self-hosted or hosted platforms.

If you plan to earn from your anonymous blogging, self-hosting is the one for you.

While you would not pay anything for hosted blogs, they have rules in place that you should follow when posting content on their platforms.

If you prefer to be a self-hosting anonymous blogger, you can advertise any services or products on your site. However, there is a monthly fee involved to establish it online, and there are many sites dedicated to this.

Then you need to download a CMS or content management system, and the most well-known for this is comes from WordPress.

After setting up a hosting account (either self-host or not), you can use its login details to come into your WordPress account.

After establishing both your hosting and WordPress account, you can customize the design and appearance of your blog.

WordPress has many themes you can select that are free, and you can preview them upon choosing. Pick one that fits your niche or industry.

The CMS will allow you to directly create and publish your anonymous blog content quality. Look for an option to add a new blog so that you can start writing your first one.

Once done, there is an option to either publish, delete, or save your draft. You can preview it before publishing it to go live.

Assign your anonymous blog tags and categories, which will make it easier for online visitors to find them.

It would be beneficial to post more than one blog entry upon launch. Look for top searches for your particular niche topics to get more traffic to your blog through intentional blogging anonymously.

Always write content about your niche so that your readers will know what your blogs are all about. And will expect those types from you in the future.

The best way to draw readers into your anonymous blog is to engage in SEO or search engine optimization procedures.

There are many sites and software dedicated to that. You can use the Google AdWords keyword tool to let you know which keywords to use for your blogs.

Select the most appropriate keywords to increase your anonymous blog traffic. Do not stuff too many keywords in one sentence, which might decrease your search rankings.

Incorporate those keywords naturally and follow the best format, wherein there is a title, paragraphs, headings, and conclusion.

Keywords should also be part of all the major headings and images. This way, every component of your blog is optimized to its full effect.

Another excellent feature to include in your anonymous blog are plug-ins for WordPress. There are thousands you can choose, which can make your blog content better.

Examples of these plug-ins are newsletter subscriptions or contact forms.

Use Google Analytics to track your website traffic and provide a unique code to install the tracking plug-in on your page.

Once properly set up, you will gain insight into your blog and how you can make it better.

You will be provided data like daily posts and page views or visitor demographics. Make use of this information to make your anonymous blog better.

Gain financial freedom from your blog

After your anonymous blog has been launched and operating for a while, you should begin considering ways it can generate passive income to make money and also save money.

Most successful bloggers become who they are because they do not prioritize making more money but provide engaging content. They regard their net worth and passive income as consequential for their hard work.

You have to constantly seek to improve your blog, and one way to do it is to create an editorial calendar and strictly adhere to it. It is where you indicate how many times you are going to blog per week.

You must look for ways for your blog to remain active, and if you decide to write two times a week, it might not be enough.

You need constant activity to your blog to drive online traffic, and one way to do that is to link it to your social media accounts, like your Facebook account and Instagram.

As your audience becomes bigger, the more potential it can earn and at the same time drive traffic.

An excellent way to make money and earn a few bucks is to sell ad space on your blog. Top bloggers have many sites they use to connect to advertisers, and the best one is Google Adsense.

Google enables connections with advertisers and bloggers by permitting them to bid on keywords. Adsense suits a new blogger like you since it manages the bidding process on your ad space and takes care of the billing from advertisers.e

Google will then pay you more than fifty-one percent of what the advertisers give to them.

As time passes and your readership and site views increase, you can take out Google AdSense and directly sell advertising space on your own or sell your own products altogether.

You will make money from advertisers who pay you directly for their ads to be on your blog. You will know how much you will receive from the site metrics.

Advertisers will want to know your blog’s analytics concerning its traffic, activity, and audience before they decide on how much to pay you.

You can view several ways to make money based on their pricing models. You select to be paid for either per action, view, or click.

The per click model charges a fee every time a new visitor visits your blog and clicks on an ad.

The per action model works if a visitor buys something on your blog or sign up for a particular service.

While the per view model works on the number of impressions the ad makes, it charges a rate for every one thousand impressions the ad makes.

You can also decide on getting a flat rate for a daily, weekly, or monthly price that advertisers can pay for ad space on your blog.

You can offer educational services at the end of every blog entry. For example, you can post links to enroll in an online course or to buy an eBook. Or you can offer these to subscribers of your newsletter.

Another great way to earn money from your anonymous blog is through affiliate marketing. The way it works is by recommending a service or product to your readers via affiliate links.

These products and services are usually connected to your niche, and if they click on the links to buy something, you receive a commission. It will work if you have many readers and followers since it only pays a paltry sum.

Many large corporations use blogs to sell their products and services. It means the blogosphere is rife for advertising opportunities.

You can use your blog space to sell your own products, and many bloggers use sites like Amazon to sell them. Or you can also advertise services on your blog; it can be your own or from others.

Other tips to make money when you blog anonymously

Guest posts or guest posting

Many bloggers may find it hard to share their triumphs and failures with their readers, so they prefer to blog anonymously via guest posts.

You can do this by communicating with other bloggers who will accept guest posts and arrange to guest post their blogs for a given period. By doing this, both blogs can be linked through the guest post, thus increasing quality traffic for both.

Guest posting can also increase your readership since the audience from other blogs you are posting will also be yours.

Use social media platforms that focus on content

Aside from linking your blog to the usual social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there are other platforms you can use.

Your personal Facebook account will be a great help to blog anonymously, so use it wisely.

Another social media option is Pinterest. It is similar to the now-defunct Stumble Upon, whose focus is not on the personal details but content. You can use social media platforms like these to post your anonymous blogs and earn money on the side.

Write long posts

Researchers have found out that most readers are drawn to longer and detailed blogs that provide good news.

Long blog posts also tend to rank higher in online searches. It is because you have the opportunity to optimize longer blogs and include the many necessary keywords.

This might seem like a hurdle, but it is actually possible to write 20,000 words per day.

When you write on your anonymous blog, try to put as much essential information and facts as possible. But do not forget to also make it engaging; its traffic will be enhanced.

Set up an email list

Even if you are writing anonymously, you can still have a profitable blogging business, as mentioned in other segments, and one way is to prepare an email list.

An email list will assist you in acquiring more readership, and email marketing is more effective in gaining engagement.

You need to gather email addresses from the readers to create an email list. This process may take time since they must like your content first to enter their email addresses to subscribe to your anonymous blog.

Once you have accumulated many email addresses, you can send them messages for new blog entries or sell your products.

Create a new username and find a profile picture

Your fake name needs to have all the details to make your anonymous blog complete.

You need to pick an administrator username. A good tip for doing this is to not use the word administrator or Sitename. Many people use these, and it will make it easier for hackers to gain access to your blog.

Do not use your real name; this defeats the purpose of blogging anonymously, and people might connect it to your blog.

It is not mandatory to have a picture on your site. But it would be a nice touch and completes your fake profile.

You have many ways to find a profile photo for your anonymous blog. Many websites provide stock images, AI-generated photos, cartoon images, and many more. Your options are endless in finding the one that suits you.

Create an anonymous email account

Having an anonymous personal email address adds another layer of security for people finding out who you are.

There are many ways to go about doing this: you can get a new valid email address directly from your web host, and some you can get unlimited email addresses.

Or you can simply create an email from Gmail or other major email providers.

Open new social media accounts under your pen name

Another excellent way to draw online traffic and gain new viewership to your anonymous blog is to create social media profiles under your pseudonym.

Use the same fake name and details to open accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. All platforms that can help you in increasing your website traffic.

If you plan to make more money under your anonymous blog, be sure nothing links to your actual email or social media profiles. You might get a difficult time getting paid from it.

Be careful who you share your anonymous blogger persona

It can be tricky since you want to be able to connect to your audience by sharing personal information from you.

If you want your anonymous blog to work and make money, make sure nothing links to the real you and avoid posting any of your actual information.


If you are worried that your anonymous blog might not be a good idea and would not make money, that is far from the truth. The most popular blogs do not happen overnight and earn six figures a year.

In time, with the right attitude and strategies, you can get there. You only need to be patient, and your anonymous blogging will reach new heights of success.

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