How to speak faster when dictating blog posts or articles

Dictating is a faster option when you have to multi-task. In fact, I dictate blog posts, articles, and other online content at a rate of 20,000 words per day or more. How do I pull this off? It is important to be relaxed and to think about what you are about to say to make […]

20 Dictation Blogging Best Practices

Who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays? I might even win if I make a bet that you’re reading this article on your phone. We see a lot of mobile app ads, and some of them have successfully replaced individual gadgets. Certainly, smartphones have become indispensable in the twenty-first century. Speech-to-Text features aren’t something new. However, […]

How to get more traffic to your blog through intentional blogging

To get more traffic to a blog, you just have to blog in an intentional way. I know it sounds crazy because a lot of bloggers basically just blog by passion. Now, they’re getting sophisticated because they have target keywords but it’s still basically passion-based. So, if they feel the urge to blog about a […]

How to Manually Transcribe Dictated Blog Posts

There are many ways to transcribe dictation audio. You can use software. You can dictate directly into Google Docs. You can even turn your audio file into an MP4 file, upload it to YouTube, and copy and paste the automated transcription. Of course, you can always choose to do things the old school way and […]

5 Ways To Transcribe Your Blog Article or Book Dictations

So far, I’ve taught you how to dictate your book, blog posts, and articles so you can make more money, save time, and enjoy many other benefits. As awesome as these benefits may be, you need to get one key step right to fully enjoy the increased productivity and other advantages dictation brings to the […]

How to get dozens of blog post outline ideas in 10 minutes

How do I get new blog post ideas? How do I quickly outline lots of blog posts? How do I find new ways to make my blog stand out? How do I attract new readers to my blog? How do I beat my competition with rare blog posts or topics they don’t talk about? If […]

How to Outline Excellent Dictation Posts

If you’re reading this, you already know that dictating your blog posts instead of writing them out enables you to produce a lot more content in less time. In fact, you can’t even compare it to writing! You’re just able to cover so much ground and produce so much content without wasting a lot of […]