Organizing your thoughts for better dictation speed and clarity

While dictating, you must know what to say next. You can’t repeat or go off-track. Many writers usually go blank while dictating. Why does this happen?

Maybe you just have a lot on your mind.

A calm mind and little preparation help you speak better. With focus and a relaxed brain, you can organize your thoughts. Once all your ideas are ready, note them and then begin speaking.

How Do You Organize Your Thoughts?

A good dictation requires a free flow of ideas. Ideas come when you have a clear head.

Try to be calm and speak with a steady mind.

A flawless dictation requires practice. When you practice you get tostrengthen your memory, calm yourself, and concentrate.

Focus on Clean Thinking

Stress, anxiety, and work pressure keep your mind busy. An occupied mind can not think straight.

You need to relax, keep distractions away, and focus.

Begin with organizing your life which reduces the work pressure. Next, clear your mind, and take care of your health.

Organize your work

The time shortage results in worrying about deadlines and creates tension. A tense mind can not think straight. Try to follow a timetable, and finish work before time. An organized lifestyle helps in saving time.


    • Schedule your work. Plan your day and prepare a schedule. Follow the schedules, and try to finish your work on time. This way you will not have work pressure.


    • Divide big tasks into small ones. It is human psychology that we fear complex works. Divide big tasks into smaller tasks, it helps in finishing the work on time. Finishing work on time reduces stress.


  • Limit your distractions. Mobiles and other devices obstruct your thoughts. If you want to think clean, then stay away from the internet. Notifications on mobiles distract the flow of thoughts. Put away the mobile while working.

Clear your mind

Thinking all the time makes you anxious. When you have a lot in your mind, it is impossible to think straight. It is necessary to relax your brain. Stop thinking a lot, and take a break.

How to clear your mind for the moment


    • Stop and breathe. When you have distractions, take few minutes off work. Stop everything, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Slow and deep breaths help you stay clear.


    • Eat well, Sleep well. If your mind is thinking about food, it will be hard for you to focus on work. Take care of your body first. See that you eat well, sleep well, and stretch your body often. For a clear mind, you should not distract.


  • Find a quiet place. You can’t work in a noisy environment. Too much noise around you prevents you from thinking straight. Background noise often distracts, so find a quiet place to work.

Stick to healthy mental habits

For a healthy mind, you need to have a healthy body. Eat on time, sleep on time, and exercise. When you have a healthy body, it helps in creativity and clean thoughts.


    • Sleep on time. A good sleep regenerates your whole body. Sleep, wake up early and have 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Sleeping gives rest to your working brain. A well-rested mind produces excellent ideas.


    • Eat nutritious food. Healthy food nourishes your brain. Eat on time, and eat a nutritious meal. Include nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Good rest along with nutritious food keeps your brain active.


  • Physical activities. For a healthy mind, you also need a healthy body. Exercise daily for 15-20 minutes. It pushes oxygen to all parts of the body. It also energizes the brain. Exercise releases all stress and tension.

An organized life reduces stress and anxiety. Eat well, sleep well, and exercise to avoid work pressure. When you have time, and less load, you think clean.

Control negative thoughts

A weak mind with confusion will never produce good content consistently. Improving mental health needs daily practice. It includes preventing negative thoughts from degrading your improv skills.

Negative thoughts obstruct creative thinking. It creates fear and prevents thinking clean. Taking control of your mind will help you in organizing the ideas.

Not all are happy and positive all the time. It is natural to get depressed at a bad time. You must learn to control your negative thoughts at that very moment.


    • Divert your negative thoughts. Temporary diversion like watching a movie, call a friend could help. It is like running away.


    • Observe your thoughts. Stop everything, and face it. Analyze your thoughts and try to understand what is making you sad. What can you do about it?


    • Talk to someone. If a situation is creating chaos in your mind, it is better to discuss it. Talking relieves you from pain and anguish.


    • Put yourself your mental comfort zone. Do anything that makes you happy. Painting, music, or a walk in the garden could also do the trick.


  • Yoga. Deep breathing technique with asana helps release all negativity.

Controlling your negative thoughts helps in turning them into positive ones. It helps in producing positive energy. With positive vibrations, your thoughts will be concrete.

Strengthen your mental health

A dull brain can not think out of the box. For good dictation, you need to be creative. Improving your mental health helps you be creative. Also, a strong mind prepares you for tough challenges. It requires regular practice.


    • Reading. It helps in imagining and discovering stories. It helps in creativity, and it is good for dictation.


    • Learn new things every week. A routine life will not widen your thinking skills. Get out of your comfort zone. Let your brain do something out of the regular. It exercises your brain and builds up your mental strength. Try to pick up one new activity every week.


    • Socializing. Meet people and talk with them. Socializing builds confidence. It builds in a complete development in you.


    • Exercise your brain. Play games like sudoku, chess, puzzles. Engage your brain in logical thinking.


  • Take up challenges. This way, you push your body and mind to go beyond your comfort zone. Learn something new, and also force yourself to the next level. Set up high standards for yourself. Do not settle for less.

Sharpen your memory

Dictation requires the flow of ideas. Ideas will flow when you remember them. For a perfect dictation, your memory should be good.

Try the following drills to improve your memory


    • Repeat important points. Say it loud 4-5 times so that you memorize it. It is a simple solution, which helps in recalling the information.


    • Make connections. Try connecting your points with something you are very close with. Linking ideas helps in recollecting thoughts.


    • Note it down. Writing down helps you remember it for a long. Also, when you forget you can check your notes.


    • Work out. Physical exercises pump blood to your brain. It helps in improving your memory abilities.


  • Drink some coffee. Caffeine alerts your brain, keeps you active. Also, it helps you in recollecting lost thoughts.

Increase your concentration skills

When you focus and work, it helps you remember for a long. Quick thinking requires focus and attention.

Improve your focusing skills by doing the following:


    • Don’t multitask. Try to take up one task at a time. Doing many tasks divides your focus into many things. Try to finish a task before taking up another. It lets you concentrate on one thing at a time, which is good for remembering it for a long.


    • Take breaks. Taking a small break helps you work better. Even a tough job becomes easy when you take a break. Do not watch mobile during the break. The main point of the break is to rest your mind. Close your eyes and give rest to your mind for 5 minutes before resuming.


    • Be in the present. When you are working on something, be in the present. While working do not think of other tasks. Focus on what is in your hand. It improves the quality and also helps you stay focused.


  • Avoid distractions. Try to focus on your work by sitting in a quiet place, avoid talking to people between work. When you are working, try to focus on your work alone.

Calm your mind

A calm mind can tackle the most problematic situation without trouble. You commit mistakes when you are afraid or stressed out. Staying calm will help you think better.

Learn to always stay mentally calm using the following tips:


    • Stay positive. Think positive and don’t worry about the result. This attitude will ensure you focus on the right place. Staying clear and away from negativity helps you stay calm.


    • Meditate. Meditation improves focus skills. It also calms your restless mind. Deep breathing techniques with meditation help in releasing all anxiety, stress, and tension.


    • Listen to non-distracting ambient music. Soothing music helps you stay calm. During the break from work, listen to some soothing music. This way, it will distract you from work pressure and calm your brain.


  • Solve puzzles. Brain activities distract you from work. It helps in reducing stress.

With a calm mind, you can analyze thoughts well. When you focus, you are productive. Meditation with breathing trains your brain. And a strong mind is full of ideas and creativity. Clean thinking and a strong intellect result in a free flow of ideas.

Now that you have a flow of thoughts capture them! Noting them helps you in the long run.

Prepare Notes

Once you have everything sorted in the brain, you should note it. Planning and writing down your ideas will improve dictation. Prepare the list of ideas. Make a schedule and follow it. This is a crucial step when creating a writing plan.

Make your list the right way

To organize your ideas, you need to write everything. Writing helps you track your ideas. Make it a habit to note all your ideas on paper. Prepare a list by organizing all your thoughts.


    • Note down the key points of what you’ll talk about. Free-write everything. Write down all your ideas on a piece of paper. Freewriting means putting down all your thoughts. It can be anything and everything. Don’t worry about grammar or structure.


    • Research your work. Spend time studying and researching. It helps you gather more ideas for your subject. This way you will not only know what you’ll be dictating but you’ll be comfortable with whole topic blocs you’ll be covering.


    • Group your ideas. Once you have all the points on the paper, classify them. Group similar ideas and make groups and subgroups.


    • Arrange ideas in your head. Once you have all ideas grouped. Arrange the group of ideas in a sequence.


  • Roughly plan it all out. Once everything is in order, divide it into subplots. After grouping and arranging add details. With a final touch, finish the structure and prepare the list. This list will have all your ideas in it.

Stick to a schedule

All your ideas are on the list. Next, you need to schedule and dictate around the points mentioned in the list. Divide your list into sessions. Maintain a daily schedule for these sessions.

It also helps tremendously if you make a point of doing daily 1-minute list dictation drills.

Be consistent

Dictate in sessions as per the schedule. Being consistent will give you confidence. With a fresh mind, do your daily session without missing it. Do not overload or take up more, as the quality might degrade.

Focus on the moment

Every day when you take up dictation, stay away from distractions. Dedicate time to do your dictations. Before dictation, rest well and eat well. While dictating you try to focus only on the ideas mentioned in the list. Take breaks and do in sessions.

One needs to calm the mind and be stress-free. When the mind thinks straight, ideas free flow. Once the ideas flow, note them down. Writing notes help in recollecting ideas. For a better dictation, with a calm mind, try to follow the notes. It results in quality content.

Final Thoughts

Organizing thoughts comes with practice. Work on clean, logical, and creative thinking. A relaxed, calm, and clear mind can create ideas in seconds. Do not let stress, anxiety, and work add pressure to your mind. Stay calm, focused, and with a clear head do the dictation. Pause, think, and then organize ideas for the best results.

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