10 Reasons why reading is important for writers

Ever heard the saying “reading edifies the mind”? This proverb is as true as the day is long. Reading is one of the most important things in the world. From improving mental health and creativity to staving off dementia and depression, there are numerous reasons why you should read often.

Why is reading so important?

Aside from being a timeless form of entertainment and information, it’s the basic building block for learning. It also helps you become a better writer.

No matter what your age or personal goal is, be it

  • career-growth
  • self-development
  • figuring out how to form a country
  • reading is fundamentally essential to achieving your goals

Reading provides numerous benefits to people of all ages and occupations, specifically writers.

Whether you write for work or just for fun, there are a lot of reasons why reading is important for writers.

1. Get free/cheap knowledge

To write a good story or article, you need a great deal of information. Reading widely could provide these. When you read, you expand your knowledge base.

You need to be well-read in order to provide better value in your written work.

Having enough information ready is crucial when creating a writing plan.

2. Keep your creative juices flowing

Wanna keep your mind fresh, full of ideas? Read a book, every day. Very important. It’ll expose you to great ideas. You’ll stay creative.

Reading widely also exposes you to different writing styles.

3. Boost your cognitive skills

Fiction is great for you as a writer. Reading fiction improves your ability to:

  • remember otherwise confusing details
  • imagine detailed scenes
  • reason through complex challenges and problems
  • imagine and visualize alternative paths

4. Improve your vocabulary and communication skills

Wanna sound smart and posh? Then books are a must! You’ll learn fancy new words and jargon for your blog or book. As your vocabulary expands, you’ll understand the uses of the words and this will greatly improve your writing.

5. Helps increase your concentration

Ever wonder why concentration is important to writers?

Because, generally, it’s the doorway to clear thinking. Reading is important because it helps you maintain a good level of focus and clear thinking. Readers are better writers.

6. Get exposure to various writing styles

When you read different classics, genres, and various publications, you’ll start to recognize, and understand different writing styles. This will guide you into forming your own unique style.

7. Get much needed guidance and inspiration

If you’re new to the world of writing, reading will give you a general idea of how writing should be done. The different writing styles and forms will make you acquainted with the trick of the trade. When you hit writer’s block, try picking up a book. You may get inspiration from another author’s story.

8. Enhance your imagination

Reading improves your imaginative skills. Fiction forces your mind to paint a picture of the story. Which then boosts your imagination. Scientists at Emory University found that reading fiction enhances the reader’s imaginative skills in a way similar to muscle memory in sports. Reading different books will make it easy for you to come up with ideas.

9. Effortlessly improve your research skills

Writing requires a lot of research. You could search recommended books and learn a lot about your interests. This would enrich your writing.

10. Reading will refine your writing style

As a writer, reading helps you focus, analyze, and reflect on what other authors have written. This can help refine your writing skills for free.

All of these reasons are undeniable. If you want to be a great writer, find time to read a lot!

Like Stephen King said “if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write. Simple as that.”

Even science agrees that reading is highly beneficial to life and living.

According to a study published in Medical News Today in the journal Social science and Medicine, reading can, get this, INCREASE YOUR LIFESPAN!

Another study published in the journal of Child development confirms that kids who learn to read at a young age turn out smarter.

5 benefits of reading to your children:

Kids develop early literacy skills

Reading to your children will help lay a good foundation for WRITING and reading.

As your kids pick up the sound of words, their ability to understand the language grows. Books and reading become a part of them. The kids learn that reading is fun and not a chore.

Help develop their communication skills

As your kids get to know sounds, words, and language, you lay a good foundation for their communication, language, and social skills. They also learn to recognize written words and their meaning.

It helps develop their brain and ability to think

When you read to your child frequently, he learns to exercise logic and gains the ability to think in abstract terms. It develops his memory also.

It builds up their imagination

When you read books to kids, especially fairytales, it tasks their brain to imagine scenarios and the characters. it develops their imagination.

Bond with your child

Reading time is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your child. Children experience an increased sense of intimacy and general well-being through this. This feeling promotes positive growth and development.

What about teenagers?

Here are 5 reasons why reading is very important for teenage kids

Increased academic performance

In high school, we were taught that the future belongs to readers. I didn’t understand this at first. Later, I realized that kids who read generally do well in other subjects. Every child is required to read well to succeed in school.

The more you read, the more you get better at it. You get good grades, get into a good college and go on to succeed in life.

Become informed and knowledgeable

As a teenager, reading novels helped me live many lives and gained experiences. I obtained a lot of knowledge about the world and gained confidence. Reading is very important for high school children as it’ll help them learn more about the world. As a teenager, you’ll be good at reading and writing.

Builds confidence

Children will be required to read throughout their time in school. Being proficient will increase their confidence in their ability to succeed.

Build up their analytical skills

When you read a story, your brain thinks of different possibilities in the plot. This encourages you to think in different ways and will make you a better problem-solver in real life. Readers of fiction become successful in life, mostly.

Become More Intelligent

When you’re able to read books every day, you’ll gain general knowledge about a lot of things in life. Reading will make you very smart, period!

Reading benefits For Adults

Making reading your best pal as an adult will benefit you in many ways such as:

Reduce stress levels and anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Reading a good book after work will bring you tranquility and help you de-stress.

Reading some self-help books and articles will refocus your mind on the solution. Once this happens, you’re already on the path to stress relief and calmness

Promote good sleep

Reading has an incredibly calming effect on the nerves. 1 reading after work will relax your body and encourage good sleep.

Lowers blood pressure

When you’re able to read often, you’ll maintain a healthy heart rate. I’m a firm believer that a person who often reads could never suffer high blood pressure.

Fights depression

3 readings a day keeps the blues away! A good novel can be a great escape. As you walk alongside the characters, experiencing their struggles and triumph, you feel uplifted, depression symptoms disappear. Also, reading DIY publications and books can shift your focus to a solution.

Improve your personality


Books help you see the world through someone else’s eyes. You then develop understanding and respect for other people’s experiences. Your sense of empathy increases as well as your personality.

Seniors are not left out. They enjoy more than just a good story when they read. Reading books is linked with several benefits for older adults.

The Importance of reading for the elderly

Delayed dementia

According to Harvard researchers, reading for seniors could slow down brain deterioration and delays dementia.

Increased brain function

Reading helps increase brain functions thereby keeping grandma and grandpa healthy for longer.

Sleep better at night

No matter your age, when you read at night, you sleep better.

Boost Memory retention

Reading is important for our grandparents. it helps them retain good memory as they keep track of events and characters in the story.

Decreased stress levels

Reading reduces anxiety and preserves the general mental faculties of our grandparents.

Reading is so important!

If you’re still not convinced, wait… there’s more

More reasons to pick up a book today

Brighten your day

If you’re having a bad day, read a book. Once you get back from the escape which the book provides, you’ll find that you feel much better.

Edify your mind

Reading does edify the mind; it improves your personality by making you more empathetic and knowledgeable.

Sleep better

Reading relaxes all your nerves, brings inner calm, and promotes good sleep.

Get smarter

Reading will make you knowledgeable about the world and everything around you. When you talk, you’ll come off as smart.

Stay forever young

What else can keep your mind fresh and keep you young both mentally and physically? Good guess!

The Final Word on Reading to Improve your writing skills

Generally, having a good vocabulary and articulation makes you appear more intelligent. To read is to develop and increase these for free. Find a library near you and connect with other readers. Instead of another Youtube video channel, find and subscribe to the blog you’re interested in. Become a frequent reader!

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