15 best voice recorder apps

The Best Voice Recorder Apps of 2023

Mobile apps on android devices are replacing tools and hardware devices in our daily lives.

Often, these apps do a better job and even provide more comfort with mobile phone portability.

They definitely are more convenient… especially if you have to take advantage of last minute content recording opportunities like interviews.

One such app category causing disruption is the voice recorder apps. Having the right voice recording app on your phone can help record events and ideas right when you get them.

These apps can produce outputs with such a quality that makes owning recording devices and tools feel unnecessary.

There are many efficient voice recorder apps from smartphone makers and app stores. But many apps are also unable to perform on a high level.

It is common to find apps disappoint and not worth their hype on installation. Here is a list of the best voice recorder apps that you can trust and download on Play Store and other app stores.

The Best Voice Recorder Apps of 2023

  1. ASR Voice Recorder
  2. Android Stock Audio Recorder
  3. Easy Voice Recorder
  4. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder
  5. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder
  6. LectureNotes
  7. Cogi
  8. PCM Recorder
  9. Music Maker Jam
  10. Soundcloud
  11. Otter Voice Notes
  12. Smart Recorder
  13. Voice Recorder by HIGH TECH
  14. Voice Recorder Pro
  15. Recforge

ASR Voice Recorder


This popular app is a great mobile app on the play store with lots of features for voice and sound recordings of meeting sessions, quick notes, e.t.c.

It synchronizes with cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It has a free version and premium version, which has even more features.

Users can select what format to record on from the options that include MP3, OGG, AMR, WAV, FLAC, and M4A.

ASR Features and Pros

  • Organizing recordings into groups with tags.
  • Users can trim files after the record to remove unwanted parts.
  • Playback speed function for removing long silence.
  • Users can pause the recording process or discard with a click.
  • Users can make notes while listening or making a record.
  • Users can create a new custom folder.
  • Users can adjust the volume of the recordings.
  • App can record in sleep mode.
  • App can automatically start recording
  • App uses widget support.
  • Multiple languages option.
  • Users can easily share files with email and on social media platforms.


ASR free version allows Ads.

Easy Voice Recorder


The simplicity of this app is the main reason for its popular downloads. With a few clicks and shortcuts, users can get unlimited record time, share files, and enjoy android wear benefits.

It allows users to import files, adjust the volume for recording, and also record in stereo.

Easy Voice Recorder is marketed as the voice app for everyone. It is available in a free version and paid one too.

Easy Voice Recorder has no compatibility issues with commonly used file formats like MP3, AMR, WAV, and others like PCM.

Easy Voice Recorder Features and Pros

  • Android wear support is its most unique function.
  • Users can filter noise and adjust the echo.
  • Recording volume adjustment.
  • It offers playback speed.
  • Auto-sync option with cloud services.
  • Edit and cut out unwanted parts.
  • Organize recordings into files
  • Support Bluetooth microphone.


Users complain of bugs sometimes, but the support seems to be fixing them.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder


Hi-Q is a unique app that produces quality voice recordings that are compatible with most platforms.

It is handy for voice notes, lectures and sermons, recording ideas, group brainstorming, presentation practice, et.c.

It has widget support and allows the user to select which microphone to use. Hi-Q MP3 can also automatically synchronize to cloud services.

The main issue that many find hard to believe, however, was that the app did not have a feature for record conversation during a phone call.

Hi-Q MP3 Features and Pros

  • Widget support.
  • Automatically sync with cloud services like Google drive.
  • The recorder can go into a discreet mode.
  • High-fidelity 44 kHz audio sampling.
  • File transfer with Wi-Fi.
  • Users can specify input gain settings to manage noise levels.


Only records in MP3 format.

The app cannot record calls, which is a disadvantage.



This app is popular and highly-functional, especially for students and lecturers in college.

It is a note-keeping app that users can upgrade with a plugin (that costs $1.99) to not only record events but also help to keep it organized for use later.

LectureNotes Features and Pros

It does not require a connection to the internet to work.


It only supports Android 3.0 and versions after it.

Some apps may not work until you download other apps. For instance, audio recording functions require the installation of the app, LectureRecordings, to work.

Otter Voice Notes


This voice note app is most unique for its audio transcription features. The artificial intelligence software on this app can recognize the voice and provide near-perfect live transcription.

It is known as the platform for meeting conversations because of the ease it gives for note keeping in written and audio form.

Users can share information with members in the same discussion, interview, lecture, etc. It is available in both the free version and paid.

Otter Features and Pros

  • Available online.
  • Past conversations can be easily found.
  • Automatic recording and transcribe voice notes with a remarkable level of accuracy.
  • Note-taking in meetings made easy.
  • Meeting contributors can edit notes on request.
  • It allows users to record voice with its built-in microphone or connected Bluetooth device.
  • The app makes special considerations for meeting participants with special needs with a live caption.
  • Playback speed function.
  • A simple way to link words to the time it appears in audio.
  • Provides a simple method for correcting errors with text search.
  • Organizes conversations, including audio, into folders.
  • It provides an easy way to share conversations with other apps.
  • Export audio in quality mp3 format.
  • It transcribes recordings on Zoom.
  • Can import audio files from the device.
  • Provides otter cloud for backup.


Available for a limited time every month, 600 minutes for free users, and 6000 minutes for paid version users.

Only the English language is available, which means non-English speakers will not find it useful.

Does not export in a format other than mp3.

Smart Recorder


Smart Recorder is the app that takes storage management to another level. It is no surprise that the number of downloads since the last eight years reached over 40 million.

Recording made on this app compresses on completion. But this is not all the app’s features.

It offers recording for long periods, audio spectrum analysis in real-time, quality audio outputs in different formats, recording in the sleep mode, and easy sharing function.

Smart Recorder does not record calls.

The app is not only smart in the things it does well, but it is also smart in detecting a phone call and making the recording pause until it ends, probably avoiding legal issues.

Smart Recorder Features and Pros

  • The record continues in the sleep mode.
  • Long-time recording functions.
  • Playback speed function.
  • Function for automatically removing periods of prolonged silence.
  • It provides audio spectrum analysis in real-time.
  • Unlimited recording.
  • Easy way to share files.


Smart Recorder does not record conversations during phone calls.

Voice Recorder Pro (Splendid Apps)


This is one of the apps that manage to provide full features of a standard recorder but keeps its simplicity even in its name.

With the app, users have a dictaphone and can record in different formats. Voice Recorder Pro records phone calls after the device permission set-up.

The audio output is quality, and users can go on recording for a long time, only stopping when the storage limits it or the battery goes off.

It is ideal for recording lectures and sermons, interviews, meetings, presentation practice e.t.c.

Voice Recorder Pro Features and Pros

  • The app is useful for storage management.
  • Records in either of four formats 3GP, AAC, AMR, and PCM.
  • Users can switch to CD quality of 44kHz from phone quality.
  • Supports both stereo and mono recordings.
  • Provides a spectrum analyzer in real-time.
  • Records in the sleep mode.
  • Provides a custom folder for recordings.
  • Manual selection for audio sources.
  • Easy file share with emails and other platforms.
  • Flexible control for files.
  • It gives quick access to apps with widget support.
  • Auto recording function.

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder


This app may have only a paid version, but it is feature-packed and well worth the pay. Users can select the recording format to manage space and still maintain a high-quality audio output.

It provides an audio edit function (although only Basic functions), sync to cloud services, among other things. The app gives quality outputs and is effective for dictation.

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder Features and Pros

  • The app is ads-free.
  • Unlimited recording time.
  • Manual file format selection.
  • Easy integration with cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Basic audio editing.
  • Records in the sleep mode.


No free version.

PCM Recorder


This app is good for both voice notes and music records. It only produces recording output in PCM/WAV, which means high-quality recordings are allowed.

PCM Recorder Features and Pros

  • Allow phone call recording.
  • Delivers only high-quality output.
  • Records in sleep mode.
  • Unlimited time for recording.


  • Compatibility issues.
  • No cloud service integration.
  • It stores audio files in PCM, which is not the best for storage management.
  • Does not convert to other formats.
  • Users can only share recorded files to email.



SoundCloud is a cloud-based platform used for making records and storing audio files online. It is ideal for accessibility and managing space.

It is a simple recorder with basic features. Soundcloud is unique because of the access it gives to its online community that has a worldwide network.

Users can grow their online connection by looking for friends and sharing their recordings.

Soundcloud Recorder Features and Pros

  • Perfect for storage management.
  • Great for accessing files anywhere.
  • It can help to grow user networks.
  • Help to easily share recordings with friends and connections.


SoundCloud only has basic recording functions.



This is an outstanding app that extracts keynotes in conversations and automatically creates a backup for your recordings with its cloud service.

It is so flexible that it allows recording in the middle of phone calls. It is one of the most modern and important note-making apps.

Cogi Recording Features and Pros

  • Users decide what they want the app to note in a conversation.
  • Help to focus on only the key moments.
  • Simple user interface.
  • It can reverse its time to pick parts of the conversations you missed.
  • Unlimited recording time.
  • Quality audio output.
  • It makes auto backup to Cogi cloud storage.
  • Records phone conversations.


It does not support Android 4.3 and versions below it.

RecForge II


This app is on another level. It is not only a recorder but also a perfect dictaphone, an audio editor, converter, and also has file-sharing functions.

Recforge II makes recording and audio file manipulations enjoyable. Users can put apps in auto mode with a single switch.

Recforge II also allows users to edit metadata and adjust speed in easy steps. It provides a spectrum analyzer for audio in real-time and also records in the sleep mode.

Recforge II Feature and Pros

  • Multiple format support.
  • Continues to record in background.
  • High-quality recording.
  • Advanced edit options.


Supports only android version after Android 4.0

Android Default Audio Recorder


Android default recorder is quite decent for all of its underrating.

It records with a default mp3, which is the high-quality audio file format and also saves storage space with lesser audio file formats.

The simple app helps users easily share files to email or social platforms in simple steps. It also makes background record in sleep mode.

Features and Pros

  • It is a free app with decent features.
  • It needs no installation since it comes installed on Android devices.


Only basic functions are available.

Voice Recorder (HIGH-TECH)


This simple recording app is unique as it stores records as a memo. The recordings come as quality output.

The recorder is easy to use with all functions available, and users can access it in only a few clicks.

Voice Recorder allows users to work with two file formats, and also to share recordings with other platforms.

Voice Recorder Features and Pros

  • High-quality audio output.
  • Simple User interface
  • Organized interface with functionalities easily within reach.
  • Support MP3 and OGG
  • Easy file sharing
  • Stores recording as a memo.
  • File editing and trimming after recording.
  • It provides a real-time spectrum analyzer for audio.
  • Users can select between internal and external mics.


Does not allow call recordings.

Music Maker Jam


This is a great app mostly used by artists for song production and practice. It is a sophisticated app that can be too extra for users that only need an app for simply recording activities.

The app is full of features that give users almost complete control of the audio outcome. It also has in-app purchases for even more features and special sound effects.

Music Maker Jam can easily work with cloud storage and social platforms.

Music Maker Jam Features and Pros

  • Provides in-app purchases.
  • Advanced editing functions.
  • Has many functionalities for song production like loop and mix packs.
  • Provides an eight-channel mixer.
  • Users can upload files to remix.
  • Sync recording outputs with SoundCloud and social media platforms.
  • Available for users of different production levels.

How to Pick the Best Voice Recorder App

  1. OS Compatibility and Versions

To choose a good voice recorder for your android device or iPhone, it’s crucial to know which OS it works on and the OS version it supports.

For instance, Cogi is an amazing note and voice recording app that works on android but only supports the android versions after Android 4.3.

Cogi doesn’t support Android 4.3 and versions below it.

2. Synchronizes with cloud services

Some great voice recorders can synchronize audio files to cloud services for easy access and backup, making files available for sharing anytime.

Users can share files to online platforms right from the moment they stop recording.

Having your record immediately uploaded to an app cloud server can help manage space and provide extra privacy for files.

3. Scheduled Recording

This is useful if for some reason you decide to delay recording or prefer to record events at a particular time without taking out your smartphone.

Some voice recording apps allow users to schedule recording by delaying the time of its activation.

Users that want to record conversations in a meeting but want the recording to stay unknown can find recording apps with this feature.

4. File Share to social platforms and email providers

This is similar to the apps described to synchronize recordings to cloud services as completion of the recording.

Once the users stop the recording, they can click on the feature that allows their audio files to share directly to social media platforms or email providers.

5. Background Recording in Sleep Mode

This is a handy feature to look out for when considering which app to choose. Many good apps will allow users to keep recording, even in the smartphone’s sleep mode.

Other apps without the feature will either stop automatically or pause.

Those apps can be frustrating when you want to record without watching your device or when you want the device in your pocket during the recording.

6. Multiple file formats

Some recording apps give users the option to compress their audio files to any format.

Users can choose whether they want the format in mp3 or other audio file formats after recording. This feature is usually present for feature-packed recording apps.

7. Call recording

Call recording is a crucial feature for any high-performing recording app.

Some apps can even allow users to record in the middle of a call if that is when they remember that there is a need for it.

There are good apps, however, like Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder that do not support call recording.

8. Ability to transcribe audio

Transcription is a major function that can make a voice recorder stand out. A great recorder should provide the various functions that can make transcription possible.

9. Playback speed control

There are voice recorder apps with playback speed function for users that often make long voice recordings that have only a few key moments.

The function helps them beat unnecessary silence and save time while listening to the recordings.

10. Microphone selection function

Some voice recorder apps allow users to choose between recording directly on smartphone devices or using an external mic.

Also, users that want to record directly on their smartphone can choose the smartphone’s mic that they consider to be the most sensitive.

They can choose between the front or the back mic depending on the phone.

The Final Word on The Best Dictation Apps For 2023

Mobile apps that help to make users stay productive are indispensable, so it is no surprise that there are so many of them online and on app stores.

Knowing the right ones to install from the vast numbers of app developers is crucial. Also, understanding what features you want in the app will help you know what is right for you.

There are great apps that are made simple while others are more features-packed. Some apps are specific for certain operating systems and useless on others.

Take these criteria into consideration when choosing your voice recorder app now that you have our list as a guide.

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